Replacement Number Plates

Create replacement number plates in minutes using our intuitive builder below. Our replacement plates are made from the highest quality acrylic and come with same-day dispatch. Road legal and British Standard compliant.

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Product specs

  • Legal on UK roads
  • Fully compliant to British standards BS AU 145e
  • Exceptional premium grade acrylic
  • Manufactured by in-house experts
  • Rapid delivery
  • Glossy finish
  • Sun fade and water resistant
  • Pressure washer resistant
  • Fully reflective
  • Customisable designs with borders and badges
  • Upgrade to 3D or 4D available
  • Easy fitting

Replacement Number Plates from MyReg

It’s good practice to keep every aspect of your car in peak condition, for the safety of yourself and your passengers, as well as other road users, but when it comes to the eyes of the DVLA, few more so than your number plate. The only identifier of your car, there are strict regulations on what is deemed acceptable with regards to number plates, with cracks, chips, breaks, and fading all off-limits, with strategically-placed screws and marks, which could alter the appearance of the characters, all considered illegal. If you notice any of the above, ordering a replacement plate shouldn’t be met with “I’ll get round to it”, or a £1,000 fine could be yours first. From £19.98, replacement number plates are a small price to pay, in place of large potential consequences.

But it’s not only the DVLA who we should be wary of! Faded number plates can be seen as a hazard, with the reflective coating a safety measure, so other road users can see your car from a distance, in any weather condition, or darkness. It’s important for other drivers to be able to spot the characters on your number plate from at least 20.5m away, as well as not-so-loved cameras, which are in place for the safety of all on the road.

Number plate mishaps do happen, with accidents one of the main reasons drivers seek replacement places, but everyday coasting does not keep your number plate free from damage. Loose paving, extreme weather conditions, and general wear and tear are all big-players in causing you to dish out on a replacement plate. It’s often small cracks and slow fading which are the biggest problems, as unlike a fully-cracked plate, you may not notice them. Giving your car a regular 360 will ensure you don’t miss any troublesome issues. And if it means you don’t fail your MOT, it’s a win-win for all! Besides, a fresh set of plates is the quickest, most cost-effective way of giving your car a spruce up, with a notable difference to the eye.

If you’re somebody who frequently tows or uses a rear-mount bicycle rack, or perhaps you would like the peace of mind that whatever the road throws your way, you can get straight back out there, replacement plates are a great option to have handy. After all, you never quite know when you’ll need to save the day!


It’s quick and easy! 

For many on the lookout for replacement plates, it’s likely an emergency solution, so you can get back behind the wheel. The last thing you need is for the process to be slowed down by piles of administration procedures, or having to somehow get to a brick-and-mortar retailer, with a heart-sinking turnaround time.

At MyReg, we know how important our cars are in our lives, which we often don’t think about until we have to go even a few hours without it, so we make the replacement plate process as seamless as possible. No documentation required, simply create your replacement plates on our efficient plate maker and wait for your shiny new plate to be delivered straight to your door, so you can avoid the worry of your V5C not making its way back to you or waiting days for the confirmation process to be completed.


Driving with replacement plates from MyReg

You can expect exceptional precision, as well as premium-grade materials, adhering to all regulations, so you can rest assured your replacement plate is crystal clear. Having been in the business for decades, we are all too familiar with replacement number plate requirements, so we give you road legal options when creating your plate. Pre-approved borders and flags are deemed legal, as well as the fonts outlined by the DVLA, so we give you complete flexibility with choosing these aspects of your plate.

Getting started is a seamless process. We recommend ordering our fitting kit at checkout, which provides a range of tools for easy installation. No re-registration is necessary as your registration number is already assigned to you, so pop your perfectly-finished plate securely onto your car, and you’re ready to go. As our plates do not have pre-drilled holes, you have flexibility in choosing how to attach your plate; either adhesive sticky pads, or screws, perfect for those who would prefer to flit between the two before deciding, or require efficient installation and removal due to frequent towing.



The main use for a replacement plate is the most obvious – simply replacing your original number plate, should it become damaged, faded, or you would prefer a shiny new plate to keep your car looking brand new. If your original plate needs to be covered for any reason – from towing a caravan to a rear bicycle rack, a replacement plate needs to be added to either the rear of the vehicle being towed, or installed on the rack itself, so other road users, cameras and authorities can identify your car when necessary. Replacement plates are also a popular décor option for car-enthusiasts, as a nod to their pride and joy, making it a perfect gift for hard-to-buy-for fanatics, without the need to seek their ownership documents to make the purchase.