Motorcycle Show Plates

Customise and build your motorcycle show plate using our maker below. Our motorbike show plates printed using the latest technology on premium grade acrylic. We offer same day dispatch.

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Product specs

  • Correct plate sizing as outlined by the DVLA for motorcycles (9 inches x 7 inches)
  • Fully compliant to British standards BS AU 145e
  • Super-Premium grade acrylic
  • Perfect Glossy finish
  • Sun fade and water resistant
  • Pressure washer resistant
  • Fully reflective
  • Customisable designs with borders and badges
  • Easy fitting
  • Same-day dispatch

More information on Motorbike Show Plates

The ultimate way to travel from A to B in style, the thrill of driving a motorcycle is an unbeatable adrenaline rush for any enthusiast. More than just a transportation method, motorcycle culture is enshrined in many contemporary trends, from ultra-current leather looks to skull emblazoned styles. Something of an identity, which just isn’t mirrored elsewhere. After all, fiat-clad tattoos just haven’t caught on!

Show plates are a way to showcase your individuality and style, through previously standard means. With motorcycle show plates you have complete creative control on your masterpiece, before it makes it’s away on to the rear of your bike. Just like customised wrapping, distinctive paintwork and jaw-dropping wheels, for many motorcyclists, every inch of their bike ought to represent something of themselves, with show plates no different.


What are motorcycle show plates?

To put it simply, show plates are the link between your motorbike and a bespoke masterpiece. Suitable for events, competitions and all-terrain adventures, you can get ultra-creative in terms of design. We offer a range of sizing, fonts, border colours, badges and sizes, so whatever you have your sights set on, we can make a show-stopper. Looking for normal plates? No problem, just select ‘road legal style’ when using our plate maker.


Uses of Motorcycle Show Plates

When it comes to motorbike show plates, the opportunities are limitless. Your imagination is the only perimeter of what can be done with your creation, but if you’re on the lookout for some inspiration, we’ve got you covered!

The most common use of motorbike show plates is for those in the automotive industry of varying scopes. A fan-favourite at events, companies use show plates as a marketing tool, to receive exposure through promoting their brand image, emblazoned on an eye-catching show plate. A popular strategy for motorbike shows and rallies, adorning a striking bike with a beautifully-finished show plate is a sure-fire way of achieving the attention of your exact target audience.

Similarly, showrooms and garages are a hotspot for sleek show plates emblazoning their brand name. Not only does it add a personal touch, making potential customers aware that you have extensive attention to detail, but it’s a subconscious master! Most effective when displayed on high-end bikes, it elevates the motorcycle, making it appear even more exclusive, without an unsightly yellow plate detracting from the overall look.

Motorcycles are a common addition to backdrops of photoshoots, adverts and films. Often an action-packed transition, rode by an Adonis or femme fatale, a show plate is necessary to keep continuity, without letting the high-end, glamorous vision falter. Ideal for projects which will be shown across country lines where number plate regulations differ hugely, strategically-selected show plates will never detract from the overall scene, with exceptional flexibility in terms of your design.

A conversation-starter and backdrop-booster at any event, show plates can be personalised with any name, brand, or even slogan. From a biker birthday bash to motorcyclist memorial, and even emblazoned on the back of a bike as the newlyweds drive off into the night (on private land) for those all-important photos, show plates are a great choice for adding some individuality to your event, whether it’s hung up on the wall or installed onto a remarkable bike.

A unique décor choice, motorcycle show plates are a great decoration to almost any interior style. As they’re small in size, they can blend in seamlessly to your surroundings, from a 1950’s American-inspired diner to contemporary office buildings, providing a quirky meeting atmosphere.

The best gifts are free, according to some. To us, sentimental presents exceed anything else, where the giver has truly thought about you, your interests and your individuality. For keen bikers, a striking show plate which bears a nickname, in-joke, or something dear to their hearts, will be an incredible gift for them to hang up in their beloved garage.

So, where can you not use show plates? Anywhere classed as a ‘public road’ within the Road Traffic Act (RTA) 1988, which means ‘any road, street or thoroughfare or any other place (whether a thoroughfare or not) which is commonly used by the public or any section thereof or to which the public or any section thereof has a right of access’. A hefty definition, but usually, it tends to be clear if standard highway regulations apply, with private roads stated as such on the street sign; it must be noted that as far as the law is concerned, private roads and car parks are now classified as public roads.


Stand out from the crowd

For many bikers, the overall appearance of their motorcycle is just as important as its ability to whizz them to their destination. Offering versatility, you can flit between your DVLA-compliant number plate, and an alluring, bespoke show plate efficiently. Any size. Any font. Any colour. And an option to incorporate a logo, image or slogan, you can make your show plate to meet your exact specification, with our tailored service. Why settle for mediocrity?



For many people, this step will seem like a minefield. After all, you don’t want to damage your perfectly-shined bike! The good news is, attaching your show plate is incredibly simple. During the ‘check out’ phase, you will have the option to snap up a fitting kit. Made specifically for our plates, we recommend considering this option, which will allow you to install your new accessory instantly. There are two options for installation depending on your needs; screws or sticky pads, with a drill and screwdriver, required, dependant on which installation route you opt for. To make it even easier, we have videos and step by step tutorials, to ensure it’s a seamless process.