4D Number Plates

Our 4D laser-cut number plates are our most popular plate type. Laser cut with pin-point precision, our 4D plates really do give any car the ‘wow factor’. Order online using the plate maker below. Same-day dispatch.

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Product specs

  • Legal on UK roads
  • Laser-cut using the latest 4D technology in-house
  • Fully compliant to British standards BS AU 145e
  • Premium grade acrylic
  • Glossy finish
  • Sun fade and water resistant
  • Pressure washer resistant
  • Fully reflective
  • Customisable designs with borders and badges
  • Easy fitting
  • Same-day dispatch

4D Number Plates – Ultimate style on the road

The most premium number plate option you will see on the roads, 4D number plates are created using cutting-edge technology to achieve the ultimate level of precision. Known as the ‘step up’ from 3D plates, 4D provides an attractive addition to your car, with 3mm deep laser-cut characters to catch eyes.

Handmade by experienced artisans through a multi-step process, 4D plates look infinitely more high-end than regular 2D plates due to their matte black, sleek cut, professionally bonded to meet stringent quality standards.


How are 4D number plates made?

Varying from 3D number plates, 4D plates are laser-cut, using industrial equipment for an error-free finish. The expertly-cut characters are then placed on a reflective, adhesive plate which has been rolled together, applied perfectly, taking into account the exact dimensions and space between characters, bonded to the plate with a high-strength adhesive. The 3mm deep characters will withstand even the most powerful car washes, serving you for years to come.


What is the difference between 3D and 4D number plates?

In terms of appearance, 4D number plates have more of a matte look, with 3D lettering ultra-glossy. Due to the deep cut, 4D lettering appears more pronounced, while its counterpart is only slightly raised. They both appear premium to the eye, with a notable difference from standard-issue 2D plates.

The main difference is the manufacturing process. The domed appearance of 3D plates is due to the polyurethane gel resin, which is the reason it appears so glossy. This differs from the pronounced look of 4D plates, which is created with laser-cut technology, resulting in slightly different looks. If you have already got to grips with a 3D plate, 4D is the obvious next step, with innovative-technology and a statement appearance to showcase your car in the most futuristic light. Both our 3D and 4D plates are of exceptional quality, created with only the finest quality materials and expert handiwork, so you can expect to get the showroom feel, wherever you are. Hard-wearing, durable and as scratch resistant as it gets, your 4D plate will be able to withstand extreme measures.


Common uses

Created using the most sought-after techniques and materials, 4D plate technology is ideal for a range of uses, from road-legal style number plates to statement show plates, to make an impact at events, competitions and showrooms up and down the country. Popular with owners of private number plates as the finishing touch on what is likely to be an already expensive purchase, 4D plates offer a personal touch, to truly make your car your own. Retailing at around the £49.98 mark for two plates – front and rear, or £39.98 for just one, it’s a minimal expense for what will be a significant upgrade on your car.

Due to their exclusive, silky appearance, 4D number plates are a popular gift choice, perfect for the petrolhead in your life. Adorning your interior with unique décor which incorporates your hobbies and interests is a great way to improve the appearance of your home, without costing you a pretty penny, while doubling up as an almost-certain conversation starter.


Are 4D Number plates legal in the UK?

The ultimate question – are 4D gel plates legal in the UK? In short, yes, 4D number plates are completely legal in the UK. Like any number plate, 2D, 3D or 4D, it only becomes illegal when the overall appearance is reduced to the extent of either being a hazard, or the characters being unclear. A build-up of dirt, chips, breakages, and even fading, are all deemed illegal and can cost you a £1,000 fine and an MOT failure. While it may sound extreme, as the only way of determining know who is driving your car, it is important that your plate is readable from a distance.